When I read that Edgar Cayce suggested spinal adjustments as part of a healing regimen for psoriasis, I decided to give it a try. I started seeing Dr Keller and within 3 months, my condition improved significantly. As a bonus, Dr Keller also suggested atomodine for my sluggish thyroid and I've been able to lose weight for the first time in over a year! My experience with Dr Keller has been so positive. His kind, compassionate nature immediately put me at ease.

Thank you very much,


I’m an active basketball player, and ever since Dr. Keller started adjusting my back on regular basis, my physical performance and agility drastically improved. I move easier, jump with less effort and have more stamina during the game. Morning after my first adjustment was a phenomenal experience, since my back was completely relaxed (a sensation that I forgot, after having to deal with irritating cramps in the back for so long). In addition, Dr. Keller is a very active athlete himself and a knowledgeable nutritionist.

Marko Srdanovic,
Graphic Designer, United Nations

Dear Dr. Keller,

I just had to tell you that your neck adjustments are great! Prior to coming to this office, I had been treated for four years for a whiplash injury and the pain never went away until you did that ‘unique’ adjustment. Thanks for helping me.

Mary Beth Walsh

Dr. Keller’s sharp perception about my adjustment needs and capacity to perform them is complemented with articulate explanations, progress updates and forthcoming treatments. He has detected and adjusted me for ailments that previous chiropractors never brought to my attention through several years of chronic treatment. My ability to carry out simple daily physical tasks with more ease and less pain within one month has been surprising, and I am less easily fatigued, tense, and irritable. Dr. Keller creates a patient-friendly, holistic healing atmosphere through his compassion, uplifting sense of humor, and skill at respectfully addressing cultural issues, all integral to my overall chiropractic care. I am so grateful and blessed to have walked into his office.

-- Manju Pradhan

I’m sitting in the waiting room, feeling anxious and hopeful. I’m looking forward to introducing myself to Dr. Keller, and explaining that I am seeking an alternative chiropractor that will not “crack” my bones. I have already noted on his website that Dr. Keller “utilizes many Edgar Cayce remedies in his practice, including spinal manipulation, applied kinesiology, therapeutic stretching, eucalyptus oil, moist heat, nutritional planning, and massage therapy.” I have a fracture in my spine from a 50-foot fall when I was 8 years old, a restricted understanding of chiropractic, and a deep hope that I have found someone who can help me, (my way).

Dr. Keller enters the room with his characteristic, unique presence, deftly sets the record straight, and puts me at perfect ease while manipulating and realigning my spine, my neck, and my belief system. During the course of my treatment, in addition to running again, unexpected areas of my life shifted into well being and healing. What is it that makes Dr. Keller and his approach to healing so successful?

Jennifer Watt

Dr Keller is amazing! I've been seeing him consistently for the past year and a half and he has helped me in so many ways. I have some alignment issues with my lower back, hips and neck (I swear, some days I am 33 going on 73...), contstantly travel and hunch over a laptop and Dr Keller's work has literally been a lifesaver to keep me in working order.

He embraces a holistic view of health management and his extensive knowledge of the body and spiritual health shines through in every aspect of his practice. Dr K genuinely cares, treats his patients with respect and always goes the extra mile for excellent customer service.

Emily T., New York, NY via YELP

This is a letter of high recommendation for Dr. Scott J. Keller, who has been treating me for the past year and a half, for chronic pain and hip alignment. As a result of Dr. Keller’s work, I have been able to maintain balance in walking and my general good health. This is especially important due to the fact that I have had double hip replacement and the chiropractor adjustments have helped me to perform at my highest potential.

In addition, it has been my extreme pleasure to know that I have placed my trust in the professionalism and astute knowledge of Dr. Keller who is a strict disciplinarian about a patient’s particular requirements.

I view chiropractic as a necessary form of preventive medicine and a “must” in supporting good health.

Polly Guerin
Professor FMM Dept.
Fashion Institute of Technology

This is just to let you know that I experienced a real healing about five minutes after the appointment today. My whole body relaxed and I felt renewed.

Norman Curtis, A.R.E. Counsel member

I've seen multiple chiros literally around the world in the last decade - mostly because I move around a lot but also because there's a lot of rubbish practitioners out there. Dr Keller is hands down and without a doubt THE BEST. His knowledge of chiropractic principles and holistic health, combined with perfected technique and physical strength to manipulate and correct the body's alignment is both rare and remarkable.

I'm so pleased I was referred to Dr Keller by a friend. Aside from technical ability he also genuinely cares about your health and healing. I feel like this is the best care that I have been under and truly grateful for his efforts in helping me reverse and manage the damage to my spine and nervous system from years of bad posture and working too hard!

Definitely 5 star, gold standard and highly recommended!!

Nat F., New York, NY via YELP

Awesome chiropractor in a serene, spiritual environment. Dr. K knows his stuff and is truly holistic.

Lane K., New York, NY via YELP

I can't say enough about Dr Keller.  He truly cares about his patients; he is genuine, kind, funny and gives the best adjustments I've ever had!  He works in a holistic way and not just the way people throw that word around these days.  He sees you as a whole person and in terms of healthcare, he is the real deal.  I look forward to my appointments!

Angela B., Brooklyn, NY via YELP

Best. chiropractor. ever.   Since starting to see Dr. Keller regularly, not only is my back pain gone,  my general health has improved because of his nutritional suggestions.  Highly recommended!

Elise M., Manhattan, NY via YELP

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