FAQ1Generally, all chiroprators are holistic. The popularity of chiropractors today, is largely based on the idea that we provide an effective, holistic option to people who don't wish to follow the path of conventional medicine.

Caycean Chiropractic as I have described it, involves two concepts. First, it must be understood that all the functions of the body are controlled by nerve impulses from the brain. These impulses travel from the brain, down the spinal cord and to the respective organ, tissue, bones, muscles (everything). If these impulses are blocked by spinal vertebrae (that the nerve has to travel through to get to its destination), which has frequently moved out of place, then the signal is interrupted and the organ doesn't receive the necessary nerve energy. This leads to system dysfunction.

FAQ11Chiropractors usually have approximately 3-4 years of undergraduate premed training and 4 years of post-graduate medical and chiropractic training, totaling about 8 years all together. During the first 2 years of the post-graduate curricula, it is equivalent to and some times greater in the area of western sciences: including anatomy, neurology, physiology, histology and microbiology.

FAQ3Every person is different. The frequency depends on an individual's condition and objectives.

As far as how long a person should see a chiropractor, the answer is simple. As long as the body's spinal structure and surrounding structure go out of place or experience imbalances. These are subjects that a good doctor will educate his patient on. As I have said many times to my own patients, the best thing a physician can do for his patient is to educate them. Educate them on how their body works and what it needs to maintain optimum health. During the course of treatment it gradually becomes more productive for the patient to determine, (through connection to their own body), the course of treatment frequency. These determinations can be made based on the improvements they have experienced and the continued positive effects on the body, mind and Spirit.

FAQ4If you have never been to a chiropractor, it is advised that one should go to be checked for structural misalignments. These misalignments can be subtle and in their early stages and can be responsible for major system degeneration but, revealing no outward symptoms.

Pain does not always occur and should not be relied upon as a determination of health. A perfect example is a person who has cancer. In the earliest stages of a malignant cancer, does a person have any pain or symptoms? The answer is usually no! Are they sick, however? Yes, very sick but they don’t know it until the progression of the condition reaches a life-changing degree.

FAQ5In my practice, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing. In most offices throughout the city, it is the preferred attire. All chiropractors should offer a medical gown as an option and some actually require it. I, as most chiropractors in the city have it as an option, but do not require it.

FAQ7The chiropractic adjustment is considered one of the safest treatments in all of medical therapeutics. It is non-invasive and nonpolluting. Chiropractors generally pay less than 1/10 of what is paid by medical doctors in malpractice premiums. This is simply because the treatment options by chiropractors are considered so much less risky than that of medicine. There is no cutting, no injecting and no introduction of foreign substances into the body in the form of drugs. These medical treatments have not only been shown to be ineffective in the correction of the disorder but also show extremely high prevalence of harmful side effects on the body.

Most of my patients have come to enjoy and look forward to the spinal adjustments I provide. They generally feel good, but can be slightly uncomfortable for the first-timer. This can be for a number of reasons. First, because the patient may have become accustomed to his/her poor alignment and the body may at first try to reject the correction. This is always very temporary and can be a very easy phase to pass through. Also a patient in poor general health from dehydration, poor nutrition obesity or possibly a musculoskeletal disorder may have slight discomfort for the first 1-2 treatments. After that however, it should feel physically easier and ironically is probably exactly what the body needs to allow correction and movement into stagnated areas.

The sound from an adjustment is simply the escape of gas from a joint. Every joint in the body is encapsulated by ligamentous soft tissue. Inside the joint, fluids and gases are building up. In fact, a poorly aligned joint will have greater than usual amounts of gases produced. When the joint alignment is corrected, there is some times a powerful sounding extrusion of gas, giving some adjustments that characteristic "pop".

Yes. Chiropractors suggest that pregnant women be adjusted. There are specific non-force techniques designed for them. Studies have shown that the prevalence of lower back pain in pregnant women who underwent chiropractic treatments versus those that didn't was reduced by as much as 60%. Not only that, labor duration was dramatically reduced. This is because the properly aligned pelvis allows for a much easier and unobstructed exit of the fetus during child birth.

FAQ9It's not necessary, however, many medical doctors have teamed up with chiropractors in their efforts to help patients. Every major hospital around the country has either an affiliation with a chiropractor or one who practices with the hospital.

The last few years have been a revolutionary time for expansion into the area of holistic healing. The days of MD's badmouthing chiropractors are over. If the medical profession did not get on board with the holistic healing movement then they would be left out. They would antiquate themselves because all the evidence shows that with the exception of the older generations, the largest demographics of our population are opting for natural, non-invasive and holistic healing options.

Absolutely. In fact, it is advised. After adequate amount of time healing, it is safe to perform spinal adjustments. For these people, it is probably more important than most. The nervous system has not changed, but typically normal biomechanics have been altered.

Yes. It is important that they receive spinal correction as early as possible. The less time a person spends with nerve interference blocking organ function, the better. Many articles have been written on the effects of behavior in children, being positively effected by spinal correction. I know my practice, many children have stopped unfavorable tendencies like hyperactivity, bedwetting, defiance disorders and epileptic seizures following periods of chiropractic treatments.

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