In an attempt to guide many of my present and future patients at the A.R.E. of New York towards a healthier and more powerful life I have taken this opportunity to answer some questions frequently asked in my practice:

Q: What supplements should I be taking?

A. The answer to this question in my opinion depends on your goals. It is my firm belief that most people are at least in a mild state of dehydration and mineral and/or nutrient depletion. One of the latest trends I have noticed among many of my patients who come in with sore and fatigued muscles is that they are depleted in Magnesium and Potassium. How do I know this without a crystal ball that peers inside the body? Well, these people typically are driven, career-oriented people, with high stress levels (stress depletes the body of our electrolytes like magnesium and potassium).

They are trying to balance a busy schedule of work, the gym (exercise plows through our storehouse of electrolytes), their family and a social life, while attempting to eat right. It is a task to keep up this activity level and still supply the body) with enough of these elements. Additionally, when I put my hands on these people, the muscles of the back typically are extremely tight and tender. This leads to an unfortunate situation where the muscles pull the bones of the back (vertebrae) out of alignment, leading to a whole negative cycle of poor health. My experience is that when these people begin to take healthy amounts of Magnesium and Potassium, while continuing to have spinal adjustments, they feel much better almost immediately, sleep better (because Magnesium is a sleep aid) and have noticeably higher levels of performance in the work place, but even more noticeably, at the gym.

"…stress depletes the body of our electrolytes like Magnesium and Potassium"

Even if you eat massive amounts of green veggies and are juicing regularly, you could still be deficient in there nutrients. I firmly believe, especially through my own experience of being a person with high activity levels and a busy schedule, that the body will utilize high dosages of these nutrients. With any supplement, you should start with a small dosage and gradually increase the amounts while paying close attention to the response of your body.

Q: Is a multivitamin adequate?

A. I have never been a big fan of multivitamins. For one thing, even the best multis don’t have high enough doses of what I consider the important vitamins. These would include E for prevention of heart disease and vitality, C for immune boosting and cancer prevention, and the B vitamins for catalyzing all the other body functions and managing emotional stress. This may be because many multivitamin dosages are based on the RDA's (recommended daily allowances as outlined by the government). These RDA's represent what the government considers the very least amount of that particular nutrient needed to keep you from acquiring a vitamin deficiency disease. This is sad! What the RDA does not take into account is the fact that the human body can perform at much higher levels if given higher amounts of certain nutrients. Higher levels in performance, disease prevention, anti-oxidation (cancer prevention), detoxification, enhancing vitality, anti-aging increasing healing … etc. The list goes on and on.

Also, the concept of the multi ignored the idea that it may not be wise to combine all these nutrients. The American way has been to find out what the public wants and to package convenient product (All in One) and make a tidy little profit while possibly ignoring some of the consequences. Edgar Cayce said not to combine Vit. E and Vit. C. Through years of my own studies in biochemistry, I have learned that certain nutrients compete with each other for absorption sites on the cells.

Whatever form of nutrient assistance you give your body, I think it is important to remember to pay close attention to how your body responds. Juicing with lots of greens is a no-lose endeavor. Proper hydration is mandatory for feeling well, maintaining or weight reduction. Read everything and ask questions about the subject, and follow the paths of what healthy people do. Most importantly, remember that knowledge is power and we all must empower ourselves!

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