Living here in the big city can be a very stressful and physically taxing experience. The effect of this usually reveals itself in the tone and general health of a person's body. Many of my patients are curious about the best ways to keep the body relaxed and healthy, especially when it comes to maximizing the effects of osteopathic adjustments and eliminating harmful muscle toxicity (acidity).

Q. What are the best ways to keep the body relaxed supple and flexible?

A. The best things are frequently the simplest. Soft tissues lose their youthful tone when toxins (especially acids like lactic acid) build up in the blood stream and then deposit themselves in the space around the muscles and tendons (interstitia). This causes premature aging of the tissues stiffness and frequently pain. As Edgar Cayce described, poor diet and lifestyle choices cause serum (blood) acidity to rise. Without question, the easiest way is to begin eliminating these harmful chemicals by flushing the body with pure water. It is recommended that an l50 lb. person drink at least 64 ounces of water per day. Another effective suggestion is to try the one day a week juice fast. Fasting can be an extremely effective way to clear the house of toxins, improve immunity and ensure a more efficient metabolism. It also can help certain individuals break through the weight plateau. However, those with severe hypoglycemia may need to implement shorter periods without food. My favorite juice suggestions include: broccoli, spinach, celery, parsley, cucumber (remember that greener is usually better, as they have higher levels of chlorophyll) with smaller amounts of carrots, apples and beets. Additional suggestions include reducing the amount of caffeine and emotional stress. For some reason, these two seem to go hand and hand with one another here in the city. Both promote the formation of lactic acid in the body. I am proud to say that I have converted many of my coffee drinking patients over to Japanese green tea. Research has shown that drinking two cups of green tea per day will not only give you a lift that we seek, but will also reduce the growth of excess fat cells in the body, regulate blood pressure, improve immunity by boosting T-cells, lower the amount of mouth bacteria and halitosis, reduce free radical growth and prevent the growth of tumors. It does this without causing elevation of soft tissue acidity.

Q. Does eating spicy foods cause the body's acidity levels to rise?

A. This is not a silly question as I have been asked this many times. Not necessarily. You must remember that when we talk about acidity in a negative way, we are referring to the acidity that builds up in the blood (serum acidity). Eating acidic foods will not usually translate into acidity in the blood, depending on your body type, amount, and your ability to assimilate those types of nutrients. The foods that typically convert info serum acidity and then soft tissue toxicity are foods that are high in non-natural sugars (moderate fruit intake is great), processed foods, alcohol, tobacco and usually things of an unnatural origin. Remember, anything taken in moderation can be helpful and managed by the body effectively, if it's what the body and Spirit are needing.

Q. Should I exercise?

A. As many of you know, I am a devout fitness enthusiast and believe that everyone should perform some type of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least 3 times per week. The tricky part is determining what type of exercise to do. This always depends on the individual’s body and condition. Excessive exercise however, can actually create the exact things that it was designed to eliminate such as elevated soft tissue acidity, instability of connective tissue, sieeplessness or fatigue. Remember that there are currently 10 billon people on this planet and each one requires a different combination of diet, lifestyle, and exercise for maximum health. The challenge is determining what that combination is. I always tell my patients to try everything and see what resonates with their body, mind, and Spirit. Also ALWAYS remain in touch with your body asking yourself: How does that make me feel? A good rule to follow is that if something makes your body feel strong, energetic and then relaxed, chances are good that it is something that you want more of. 

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